TENS Unit Leadwires – 42″

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TENS Unit Leadwires – 42″

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TENS Unit 42″ Leadwire Set Right angle female socket to dual .08″ male pin connectors. Does not fit EMPI units. SET-2
Item #WW3005

If you do not see your model listed, please call before ordering (866) 449-1010.
Fits the following models:
Precision TENS 3900
Precision EMS 6.0 TETRA
Premier TENS
Premier EMS
Premier Combo Plus
Comfy TENS
Comfy Combo Comfy EMS
IF 9000
TENS 2000 EMS 6000 IF 2206
TENS 2500 EMS 6500 IF 4000
TENS 2800 EMS 5.0 IF 4250
TENS 1000 EMS 7500 Ultra IF
TENS 3000 TwinStim TrueSine IF
TENS 6000 TwinStim Plus Micro II
TENS 7000 TENS803P Micro 850
MaxTENS 3 R-2500 Russian Stim PGS 123
Does not fit EMPI units.
HCPCS code: A45577

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