7v™ Heated Lower Back Garment


7v™ Heated Lower Back Garment


Volt Body Warmers are designed to provide localized warmth and comfort. Target specific areas of the body utilizing the patented Zero Layer© heat system to send safe, low voltage heat output to help you fight the effects from the cold. The 7 volt rechargeable lithium battery power helps to keep you warm and comfortable for up to 8 hours on the lowest setting and 2 hours on the highest setting. Because the warmer is powered by a small and powerful rechargeable battery you can also enjoy it while on the go. By combining the Zero Layer© heat system with a low profile, poly jersey neoprene blended outer shell fabric and a soft brushed tricot fleece lining; the body warmers will fit discretely under your outer clothing. The Volt Body Warmers are adjustable with hook and loop fasteners for a custom fit.


  • Deep penetrating heat 
  • Built-in microprocessor controller allows you to select desired heat output
  • Ultra-thin, discreet and the best choice for portable warmth 
  • Fleece lined with a stretch fabric shell allowing for a comfortable fit

1. Charge the battery with the included wall charger 
2. After the battery is fully charged (LED light on charger will show green),
place the battery in the Flexpouch battery case. Connect the plug from
the heated wrap to the battery. 
3. Press the “power” button on the battery and select desired power level

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Weight 1 kg