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Setting your TENS machine: This is what you should pay attention to:

How to set up your TENS machine correctly

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation helps you to combat pain without the further use of painkillers or medication. However, the effect is different for each person.

Therefore, follow these steps:

  1. Before using TENS, clean the skin areas to be treated. You can use our contact spray for this.
  2. Place the pads so that they are firmly attached (tips). The pads should always be placed around the cause of the pain.
  3. Select the correct stimulation current program for your application – feel your way here with a little experimentation to find out what helps you and feels just as pleasant.
  4. Always use TENS for at least 30-40 minutes and longer if needed to get the best results and relieve your pain.

When you start the electrostimulation afterwards, you will usually feel a light and pulsating as well as pleasant tingling sensation on the skin. Ideally, the pain relief lasts for a period of several hours. At the end, switch off the device and remove the pads.

Our tip: Set a treatment duration of about 40 minutes. Your body releases endorphins during the TENS application [1]. They intensify the effect of weaker or absent pain even more.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our medical product experts will be happy to help you. Call us at 1-866-449-1010 or write to us.TENS machine recommendations

Find the right TENS machine for your application

We offer various stimulation current devices for the treatment of acute or chronic pain, as well as combo machines for TENS pain therapy, EMS muscle stimulation and pelvic floor training. All devices have a wide range of programs and are suitable for beginners and advanced users. Read more about our three recommendations on our TENS machine guide page. Here you will find an overview of all TENS machines.

Two important rules of thumb for the correct current strength for TENS applications

  • High frequency (80-100 Hz) + low, moderate intensity = fast effect.
  • Low frequency (2-5Hz) + high intensity = effect lasts longer.

Tip: If you notice that the effect is diminishing, change the parameters of your stimulation current device and the placement of the pads. Also note that the distance between the pads should be at least 2 cm. The larger the area of pain, the larger the pads should be. Here you will find an overview of all TENS pads. Simply filter by your application and the brand of your device to find 100% suitable pads for your needs.

In our muscle stimulator pad guide you will find everything about TENS & EMS pads.